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Kids First trained and certified Coaches are the #1 factor for PARENTS in choosing Kids First Sports Safety, Inc.

Phone: 630-257-5438

Kids First (incorporated 2002) developed its (28 sports) lesson plans to include Safety & Skills Preparation through Fundamentals. Further, hires, trains, and certifies its coaches to run programs and camps all year round.

Additional offerings include:
  • After School Sports Development Camp Series
  • Sport Specific Player Evaluation Clinics
  • Player Safety Certification Clinics
  • Pre-Season Sport Specific Programs & Camps
  • Sport Specific Kids First Leagues-combining instruction with games & championships
  • Private sports lessons through a Kids First personal trainer
  • Day & Camp Care Services
  • Kids First Safety Referee Services for sports leagues, at Elementary Schools, Park Districts, Colleges, Sports Leagues and other organizations.
Kids First believes youth sports training is a process of consistent teaching practices based on FUN/Safety/Skills/Confidence that works on the field and in the class room.

Kids First programs & camps are designed for sports development. Each program devotes time to: body positioning, safety practices, skills, drills, games, & a championship game on the last session. Further, Body Balance & Coordination through first step directional movements are also taught through a variety of martial arts techniques geared specifically for youth sports.

Finally, a series of Always Rules will be taught to players in a specific order to help their body alignment for Safety that parents have called 'Mandatory'!

Kids First is now hiring! Click Here to Apply!

Kids First Sports Offerings:
  • Higher Standards: (6-14 year olds) 28 sports: Teaching kids fundamentals, safety, and skills, making them game ready with confidence.

  • Kids First STEPS: (3-5 year olds) 12 different sports that are FUN based, developing coordination & balance.

  • Kids First Advanced: (11+ year olds) 15 different sports: High degree of preparation, covering fundamentals, skills, conditioning, and body balance with increase in speed.

  • Kids First Adults: 8 different sports: Co-Ed & Non-Co-Ed Recreational & fun Based programs.

  • Kids First After School Sports Development Camp Series: Participating Elementary Schools run the camp series throughout the school year. Students attending will go through a variety of sports; safety preparation, fundamentals for sports, and skills training; through fun competitive team drills, followed by games, and concluding with Championship Games each Friday. Kids Love It!

  • Kids First Day & Camp Care Services: (6-14 year olds) Ultimate Sports Camp combines multiple options; conventional with recreational sports - extended mornings & afternoons making this the ideal place for kids with working parents. Kids will develop a happier fitness life style.
  • Kids First Sports Specific Player Evaluation Clinics: Certified Coaches rate players through sport specific drills in an unbiased manner. Drafting Sports Leagues can expect 25% player groups (1-4 player rating) in an effort to have fair and balanced teams.

  • Kids First Player Safety Certification Clinics: Certified Coaches travel to player groups, and teams, at park districts, elementary schools, high schools, colleges, and sports leagues. To pro-activity prepare players body positioning giving them the best chance to avoid injury.

  • Kids First Pre-Season Sport Specific Programs & Camps: Sport specific training several weeks in advance of the season.

  • Kids First Sport Specific Leagues-combining instruction with games & championships: 6 week season: First two weeks are instructional, followed by games leading to Championships.

  • Kids First Coaches Clinics: Senior level Kids First Coach Emcee's power point presentation with demonstrations at a pre-selected site on a specific sport(s) or topic (hazing) for volunteer youth coaches, players, & teachers.

  • Kids First Safety Referees: Normal referee duties apply per sport. Certified Coaches are trained to watch player safety concerns during a game & quickly convey to the player safety corrections.

  • Kids First Personal Trainer: (6+ year olds) Certified Coaches teach fundamentals, skills, & safety practices for a specific sport & position with proven results.