Kids First Leader in Youth Sports Fundamentals

Youth sports are meant to be FUN And SAFE!

Kids First believes youth sports fundamentals are a process of consistent teaching practices based on Fun/Safety/Skills/Confidence that works on the field, and in the class room.

Kids need help and guidance from Parents in explaining why the processes for teaching sports fundamentals are so important. Once Parents explain that Coaches are teachers then kids allow more time to learn and get rewarded by understanding sports fundamentals and body safety work hand in hand.

Kids First Coaches are certified to teach youth sports safety in a pro-active manner to reduce sports injuries. This is accomplished by a series of “Always Rules” (martial arts) taught to players in a specific order to help body alignment. Kids taking the time to learn how their body needs to be positioned will gain a competitive sports advantage and valuable skills. Parents signing up kids for youth sport programs will enjoy and share in the excitement as their kids develop at a faster pace.

Elementary Schools can hire Kids First Coaches for after school fitness and sports activities that will make after school a fun and happy time. Parents looking for an elementary school that offers excellence in the class room with sports/fitness activities statistically enjoy higher student enrollment.

Companies can hire Kids First Coaches to run fitness and sports programs for their employees. This will help employees get into better physical shape, keeping them more productive at work.

Enjoy navigating through www.kidsfirstsports.net we have something for you!

– Founder Morgan Singel