Kids First: Presents program classification options for Companies

Kids First After Work (throughout the year): Certified Coaches run an after work sports and fitness program for companies that could be set up to include varies sports and fitness options. Kids First After Work: can be set up with companies up to 18 months in advance. After Work program combines multiple sports and fitness options listed on the Kids First website. Employees will be taught sports and fitness fundamentals, safety, and skills in a fun, positive manner with proven results.

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Kids First Exercise-a-thon (1.25 +hrs /day for 2-5 days): Best planned in advance for companies. Kids First Certified Coaches help turn & set up office rooms and gymnasiums into sports and fitness rooms. The Exercise-a-thon starts with a general benefit meeting conducted by the Kids First Head Coach and Staff. Coaches will be in the individual stations (office rooms) while the employees will be on a time sensitive clock rotating from station to station learning different sports and fitness techniques along the way each day. The final day will include sports & fitness championship games, and events that raise the excitement level for the employees as well as their interest in keeping a healthy body. Employees Love it!

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(Kids First provides sports equipment)

Kids First Certified Coaches (350+): Advantages for Companies hiring Kids First Coaches are as follows:

Coaches are

  • Trained and Certified to work under a time line management sense of urgency when needed, are trained to be organized, and welcoming; while maintaining a happy demeanor with a high degree of control.