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Kids First Sports Safety, Inc. Leader in Youth Sports Fundamentals

Basket Ball Camp

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Kids First Sports Safety, Inc. Welcomes candidates to apply for a part time coaching position with Kids First. Kids First believes coaches are teachers that carry an internal drive to educate participants who have a desired passion to learn. Kids First is a pro-active preparation company teaching fundamentals to kids/adults for the topics listed:
Kids First: Programs, camps, after school programs at elementary schools, clinics, referee services, semi & private lessons, esports tournaments, and represents companies at trade shows.

Kids First Certified Coaches (350+): Advantages for Candidates hired by Kids First are as follows:

  • Trained and certified by Kids First Sports Safety Senior Level Management team.
  • Trained to speak publicly to participants.
  • Trained to work under a time line management sense of urgency.
  • Trained to organize company lesson plans throughout a program or camp.
  • Trained on Kids First language to deliver a consistent message to participants.
  • Trained on Kids First “Always Rules” which use martial arts techniques for fundamental body safety and skills.

Kids First Certified Coaches (350+): Benefits for Candidates hired by Kids First are as follows:

  • Paid $9-$20 per hour.
  • Kids First Coaching job is an excellent resume builder.
  • Fulfillment in coaching kids/adults a desired sport pro-actively giving them the best chance to avoid injuries.
  • An opportunity to represent Kids First organization as a coach builds strong work habits to succeed in your other goals.
  • A chance to be a part of our company slogan (Coaching kids to perform great)