Elementary School

Kids First presents program classification options for Elementary Schools

Kids First Exercise-a-thon (2-5 days): Best planned in advance through the School District or by each School Principal. Kids First Certified Coaches help turn and set up school rooms and gymnasiums into sports and fitness rooms. The Exercise-a-thon starts with a general benefit meeting conducted by the Kids First Head Coach and Staff. Coaches with sports equipment will be in the individual stations (class rooms) while the kids will be on a time sensitive clock rotating from station to station learning different sports and fitness techniques along the way each day. The final day will include sports & fitness championship games, and events that raise the excitement level for the kids as well as their interest in keeping a healthy body. Kids Love it!

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Kids First Summer Ultimate Sports Camp: Certified Coaches run an all day, all week long camp combining multiple sports options. Coaches teach sports fundamentals, safety, and skills with proven results. Kids enjoy sports the more they are taught.

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Kids First Coaches Clinics: Senior level Coach Emcee’s power point presentation with demonstrations at a pre-selected site on a specific sport(s) or topic (hazing) for volunteer youth coaches, players, teachers, & students.

Kids First Referees: Normal referee duties apply per sport. Certified Coaches are trained to watch player safety concerns during a game & quickly convey to the player safety corrections.

Kids First Player Evaluations: Kids First Certified Coaches are a 3rd Party evaluator of players with a desire to play a sport on a team that has a Park District draft. Kids First prepares 10-14 drills for players evaluation; results are calculated for creating a fair and balanced league.

Kids First Safety Certification: Senior Level Certified Coach prepares a demonstration based power point presentation showing the importance of proper fundamental processes for an athlete to inherit.