Esports Gaming : Kids First Certified College Educated Coaches host gaming tournaments at selected locations year round.

Kids First Certified Coaches (350+): Advantages for individuals & teams registering for gaming tournaments hosted by Kids First are as follows:
Cocahes Are:

  • Trained and certified to work under a time line management sense of urgency throughout gaming tournaments, are trained to be organized, and welcoming; while maintaining a happy demeanor with a high degree of control.
  • Trained and certified to be public speakers.
  • Trained to educate individuals and teams in a desired esport for gaming tournaments.
  • Trained to conduct an informational Gaming Tournament meeting at the start of a tournament.
  • Trained to teach a group of esport gamers on specific games selected for a given tournament with proven results.

Kids First Certified Coaches (350+): Kids First esports gaming tournaments offer the following competitions:

  • High School Tournaments: Seniors/Juniors/Sophomores/Freshman *Small Groups *Large Groups
  • Grade School Tournaments: 8th graders/7th graders/6th graders/5th graders *Small Groups *Large Groups
  • Age Specific Tournaments with age group award winners competing against other age group award winners *Small Group *Large Group
  • School Tournaments set up to include High School, Grade School, and College competition *Small Group *Large Group
  • 2 Man & 4 Man Tournament Competition *Small Groups *Large Groups
  • Open Tournament Competition: No age requirement *Small Groups *Large Groups